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Gyakuten Saiban - Kenran no hana 1 & 2 (RAW)
Dear friends, these doujins finally arrived and I just finished scanning them all because of you (the NaruMitsu fansclub).
I don't understand a word but it seems that these doujins explains how the relationship between Nick and Miles started (Am I wrong?)

"Kenran no hana kassai wo idake" was released in 2007 as a two issue doujinshi (11 & 12), this year it was released as an only issue of about 150 pages which includes the Story #2, "Siren", maybe because the stories follows some continuity. (I want to get "Siren" but it is nowhere available, its too old ~_~)


Links in Mediafire

Story 11 - Love (Up)
Story 12 - Love (Down)

Kind regards!

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I think maybe the narumitsu communities are dead..?

I wonder if there's anyone out there who wants to translate...

You are welcome!

If it happens you meet someone who can read japanese, please persuade them to translate the doujins!! It would be great!

See ya!

Did you try posting to igiari?
there's also narumitsu (but maybe you tried that already)

i'm going to post some of the images on /y/ on 4chan. do you want me to post up this lj link for download? maybe someone who downloads the manga may be interested in translating...we can only hope

HAHAHAHHAA Yeah! I would appreciate that!

Maybe the waiting would worth, let's hope!

Well, I did post your link up along with some of the hotter images, but no takers for translation =(. I tried!!!

I just finished making a request banner which I'm thinking to display in my university for the Japanese/Spanish interpreters.

I think I should have done it before, but the time passed... and I like to rest a bit to long...

Kind regards.

Hullo~ I don't know if you'd still be interested but I have translated Kenran no Hana into English here:

Thank you for sharing the raw scans and I hope you enjoy it! :)

:3 Thank you!!!!!!!!! I would gift you one of my cats as a prove of my appreciation!! <3 <3 <3

LOL that's sweet thanks. ^_~

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